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Why go for Composite Doors?

Once you’ve had a Composite Door positioned in your home, you’ll never give it a 2nd thought. The reason? Because it’s 100 % secure, maintenance free, and lasts for a very long time indeed.

Sleep Well After Dark With Composite

Disturbingly, one home in the UK is burgled every 37 seconds. By installing a Composite front and rear door you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the night knowing your household are completely secure. Reassuringly strong and secure, high performance Composite Doors Llanelli are an item you can depend on. All Composite Doors include a unique ‘inner frame’ that’s specially engineered to hold the locking components – which makes it extraordinarily strong and almost impossible to break down.

Looks good – like classic solid Timber

Whatever your preference, the realistic wood grain effect texture makes it look like a stylish traditional timber door with the maximum ‘kerb appeal’. It’s low maintenance at the same time, being both robust against minor scores and is simple to clean. Our Composite Doors Llanelli won’t rot, warp or crack or ever need painting.

Don’t Neglect The Back Door When Fitting Composite!

Most household break-ins occur at the back door. For this reason, getting a strong, secure Composite Door at the front is a great choice, however you risk leaving your back door at risk from break in. So, why don’t you feel completely secure and have Composite Doors in Llanelli installed at the back simultaneously?


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Best Prices on Composite Doors Llanelli, quotes offered by phone or email. Extra discounts for both front and back doors when ordered together. Wide range of styles to choose from. Low cost Fitting Service available.